Freedom for 270 Through Three Rescues in Three Weeks

Bihar, India

Justice Ventures International (JVI) achieved a significant Girl prayingmilestone in May. In rapid fire succession, JVI and its local partners freed over 270 men, women and children through three major rescue operations in three consecutive weeks. These operations were conducted in close cooperation with government officials from the northern India state of Bihar. These men, women and children were freed from bonded labor slavery.  Families were forced to work in illegal brick kilns and agricultural farms. Some of them had been in bonded labor for four generations.

Living conditionsFamilies, including children, were forced to work in hot, grueling and abusive conditions for more than twelve hours a day. Paid a mere subsistence wage in violation of India law, they were restricted from leaving the work areas. Many of the women and children were malnourished and sick.

Thanks to the combined efforts of JVI and its partners working with the Bihar government, all of these survivors have now safely returned to their native villages where they will each begin a new life of freedom. JVI is working to ensure these men, women and children have the care and rehabilitation assistance to protect them from future exploitation. In addition, our lawyers are working closely with the police and prosecutors to ensure the perpetrators of these crimes are held accountable.

Victims leaving to their homes

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