Over 250 million people live in extreme injustice, including over 40 million trapped in slavery.

Amala’s journey to justice.

Millions around the world are suffering from human oppression. They are forced into sex slavery, bonded labor, child slavery and other forms of extreme injustice.

JVI partners with local organizations and global stakeholders to eradicate human trafficking and other extreme injustice by securing justice for individuals, empowering local partners and improving justice systems.

Securing Justice for Individuals

We’ve secured freedom, justice and restoration for thousands of oppressed men, women and children through joint rescue interventions conducted with local organizations and government officials.

Empowering Local Partners

We equip and strengthen local nonprofit organizations and businesses to fight injustice through human rights training, legal services, funding and access to other professionals. 

Improving Justice Systems

We improve justice systems by conducting research, advocating for changes in policies and laws and building justice networks linking local and global advocates to protect the vulnerable from abuse and oppression. 

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Stories of freedom, justice and restoration.

35 Rescued From Bonded Labor

On November 10th, 2019 JVI along with one of our local partners, government officials and local authorities rescued 35 bonded labor victims (8 families) from agricultural bondage in Chakai, Bihar, India.  Chakai is a large village located in Jokihat Block of Araria district,

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Three Boys Rescued From Child Slavery

On November 28th, 2019 JVI partnered with Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR), the local Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and the police to conduct a rescue intervention of three boys from illegal bonded child labor in a zari

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JVI Launches Justice Resource Reporter

JVI recently launched our Justice Resource Reporter, a monthly newsletter designed to educate and equip our partners and other stakeholders by providing access to justice news, reports, and helpful resources to promote freedom, justice, and restoration. Sign up for JVI

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