Happy New Year from Justice Ventures International

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate this season of hope and bring another fruitful year to a close, I want to thank you for partnering with us in serving those suffering from extreme injustice. Through God’s power and the generous support of friends like you, JVI has seen thousands of children, mothers and fathers rescued from abuse and equipped to embark on a new life of freedom.  I’d like to share one of these amazing stories of freedom and hope with you.

In June of this year, Renu Devi (pictured above, center), achieved something remarkable. Ms. Devi, rescued by JVI from a life of oppressive slavery along with 165 others, decided to run for election to local public office.  Competing against candidates supported by her former captors, she won!  Her success brought new pride to the other bonded labor survivors who are also now enjoying the fruits of their new freedom.  Thanks to the efforts of JVI and our local partner, children who used to toil in the blazing sun, forced to do backbreaking work, are now in school.  Their parents are employed in decent jobs where they are paid a fair wage.  A community once enslaved has new hope and is beginning to enjoy a more abundant life. Renu is using her new position of influence to help others fight injustice and improve their lives.

Will you help bring rescue and opportunity to others like Renu Devi this holiday season?  For example, a gift of $250 provides immediate aftercare services to five sex trafficking survivors, a gift of $1,000 will provide 30 days of legal advocacy for victims of trafficking or other abuse, and a gift of $5,000 will help fund a large-scale rescue of bonded labor slaves.

  • Contribute online at www.justiceventures.org or
  • Mail a check payable to:
    Justice Ventures International
    P.O. Box 2834
    Washington, DC 20013-2834

Thank you for your consideration. May the God who brings freedom and abundant life bless you and your family richly during this holiday season and in the coming year.


Jeff Pankratz signature
Jeffrey R. Pankratz,
President & CEO

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