JVI’s New e-Justice Resource Center In Action

Thanks to your support, JVI’s new e-Justice Resource Center is increasing rapid dissemination of information throughout our network of partners to ensure timely access to advocacy manuals, legal resources and professional development training from subject matter experts. 

The JVI team is pleased to report that dozens of training sessions have been completed in recent months through the e-Justice Resource Center! Topics have included: Criminal Justice System 101, Victim Compensation, Bonded Labour Rescue SOPs, Child Labour Laws in India, Court Craft, Role of a Public Prosecutor and more. 

One example: 

On September 12, 2020 JVI partnered with New India Development Society to hold a virtual training session on Anti-Human Trafficking Laws & Procedures, Rehabilitation Schemes for Survivors, Supreme Court Guidelines and the Impact of COVD-19. Nearly 60 participants attended, including lawyers, paralegals and government officials from the District Legal Service Authority.

The session covered law and procedure pertaining to bonded labor and child labor.. The group also reviewed leading judgments of the Supreme Court and High Court along with victim compensation strategies for survivors of sexual assault and other crimes. The training concluded with a dynamic discussion of various aspects of human trafficking and the effective implementation of relevant laws. 

JVI empowers advocates to protect and support human trafficking victims through topics such as continued education regarding legal procedures, victim compensation, and how overall awareness within the community promotes freedom, justice and restoration of victims and creates a legacy of hope for generations to come.

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