Woman Rescued from Forced Marriage

Beijing, China – An increasing number of Cambodian women are trafficked to China and sold as brides due to skewed sex ratios and a corresponding shortage of eligible women within China.  One such woman, Leng*, who found herself trapped in a forced marriage not far from Beijing.  Her husband brutally treated her by physically and sexually assaulting her regularly, and denying here any wages from her work in the family business. She was not allowed to leave the house for any reason, and could not figure out where she lived as she did not speak or read the local language (Mandarin).

crying_in_the_corner She finally was able to disclose her situation through a hidden cellphone. But when her “husband” found the phone she lost all touch with the outside world. Desperate to get out, she attempted to escape the house, which was surrounded by high fence, but fell and hurt her back and ankle. The family refused to give her medical attention.
One week after her attempted escape, the Chinese police, working with international organizations, raided their house and removed Leng, bringing her to a hospital for surgery.   A JVI sponsored lawyer played a key role in securing her prompt repatriation back to Cambodia, convincing the local authorities to grant a visa to Leng without needing a divorce from her abusive husband, circumventing a two-three month court process and consequent delay in her return home.  Leng is now safely back in Cambodia with her family.

Join us in helping bring justice to more girls like Leng by registering for the Race for Freedom on September 10, 2016 for freedom or sponsoring a runner/walker.

* Name has been changed to protect the identity of the individual.

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