Season’s Greetings from Justice Ventures International

Dear Friends,

Season’s Greetings from Justice Ventures International (JVI)!

The beloved Christmas carol, “Oh Holy Night”, tells a wondrous story of hope for weary souls, a Savior who loves all men, women and children, whatever their station – and who loves justice. 

The third stanza proclaims: His law is love and His gospel is peace. Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother. And in His name all oppression shall cease.

Since 2007, moved by His love and with the help of friends like you, JVI has rescued thousands from human trafficking and other extreme injustice. We celebrate each rescue, but in reality, rescue is only the beginning to a long road of healing, justice and restoration.

Over the years, JVI has developed strong relationships with local leaders and organizations on the ground in India, Nepal, and China. Partnership is central, and enables our work to be effective, efficient, sustainable, and scalable. Together, we ensure quality and comprehensive services for survivors of slavery and other injustice – for the long haul.

One example is Suresh Manjhi and his wife, Rajiya Devi, pictured here. I first met Suresh and Rajiya CaptionSuresh in 2014, secretly, on a dusty road in Bihar, India where he had slipped away from his work on a slave plantation to bravely share his story of abuse and oppression. Shortly thereafter, thanks to the vigilance of JVI’s staff and our local partner working closely with government officials, Suresh, Rajiya and 158 others were freed from multi-generational agricultural slavery.

Just last month, I had the great privilege of meeting with Suresh, Rajiya and their two young children who were born in freedom. Four years after the rescue they are enjoying the fruits of sustained freedom, including decent jobs, education for their children, new financial assets, and a safer community where their rights are respected.

This is just one of many JVI stories of freedom. Thanks to you and the dedicated work of our staff and partners, girls rescued from the sex trade are experiencing healing, mothers and fathers suffering in slums now have protection from violence and abuse, and young boys freed from forced labor slavery are enrolled in school. But there is still so much work to be done.

Will you help us bring new freedom, justice and restoration?

Please consider partnering with us financially by donating online or by mailing a check. All gifts postmarked by December 31, 2018 will be matched, up to $100,000.    

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Together we can bring new hope to a weary world in 2019.Year End Download

Thank you for your friendship and partnership,

Jeff Pankratz signatureJeffrey R. Pankratz,
President & CEO



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