Hope is Alive


As captured in recent international headlines, the high prevalence of sexual assault in India is a serious problem.  This problem is magnified in urban slum communities where the human life is cheap.   JVI and its local partner Childline recently collaborated with the Indian police and government prosecutors to secure justice for Aasha*, a four-year-old girl  who was brutally raped by a man from a Mumbai slum.  In this case, Aasha was lured away from her home in the slum by ‘an uncle’ and sexually molested on the beach close to where she lived.As the rapist attempted to kill her, he was caught by Aasha’s father and his friends and handed over to the police.   Due to massive case loads, corruption, and bureaucracy, cases like Aasha’s are often ignored or given very low priority. However, thanks to the tireless and persistent efforts of JVI lawyers working closely with Childline and the government prosecutor, a year after the crime was committed, the accused was convicted and given life imprisonment.

Aasha is slowly recovering from this tragedy.  JVI team members recently met with Aasha and her family to share the news of the verdict.  The family thanked the JVI team members and Aasha answered questions about her school and friends. She was happy and safe with her family . JVI continues to follow-up  with local organizations to see that Aasha receives the education, healthcare and other services that she needs to heal and move towards a brighter future.
JVI works closely with its local partners to promote freedom, justice and restoration for children, women and men living in India’s slums.  Please continue to pray for our work and for young girls like Aasha who are vulnerable to sexual assault and other extreme forms of injustice.
*Name changed to protect victim. Name means hope in Hindi



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