JVI Partners With Innovative Technology Company

India has many national and local government programs available to assist the poor and marginalized with basic necessities like water, sanitation, housing, education, and job training, helping them secure a foothold toward greater self-reliance. However, navigating the system to access these entitlements is often complex and time-consuming, creating a barrier between millions in slum communities who need help and these potentially life-changing legal claims.

To break through this barrier, JVI has created human rights manuals to train local “para-legals” who conduct legal awareness training and provide step-by-step instructions on accessing government entitlements. JVI lawyers provide back-up on cases that require more in-depth legal work or on complex matters affecting large groups, like land rights. 

To scale this program further, JVI has partnered with Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions, a technology company that provides smart phone technology to door-to-door link workers, enabling them to process large numbers of applications for entitlements. Haqdarshak link workers are improving the standard of living for citizens in urban slums and remote villages. They focus on providing access to healthcare, education, employment and social security.

In February 2021, JVI provided three training sessions with 42 Haqdarshak link workers in East Champaran, Purnia, and Gaya in Bihar. The trainings provided link workers with specific education and protocol on human trafficking identification, various government schemes, entitlements and the process of accessing benefits for survivors.

JVI looks forward to continued partnership with Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions to ensure the poor and oppressed realize greater protection of their rights and experience the opportunity to live a more productive and abundant life.


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