Justice Secured for Nepalese Survivors

On November 5th, 2018 a notorious trafficker in Nepal was sentenced to 15 years in jail as a result of a testimony from a survivor who was trafficked by him nearly 10 years ago. Previous attempts had been made to put this trafficker away with no success until JVI secured an attorney to work the case. The attorney, from Kathmandu School of Law, agreed to file the case on humanitarian grounds. A strong case with supported testimonial from the survivor led to the trafficker’s conviction. The trafficker received a fine and the survivor received victims compensation. This sentence was a major victory in Nepal in a source district for human trafficking. 

Human Trafficking in Nepal: Various studies have claimed that the rate of victims of Nepali origin trafficked to India has significantly increased in recent years. One news report indicated: “After decades of trafficking, there are no young women left in northern Nuwakot. It is estimated that more than 5,000 of the women from this remote mountain region are in brothels in Mumbai and other cities in India.”  

JVI’s Sustained Freedom Project Nepal: In Nepal in 2018,  JVI provided assistance to rescue 23 minors and 2 adults from human trafficking. In addition, JVI and partners provided supportive services to 50 survivors in aftercare programs.  JVI also provided training to 2,763 people through 25 training sessions, strengthening the capacity of local leaders to fight human trafficking.

Please consider a financial gift to support JVI’s Nepal Sustained Freedom Project. By doing so, you are providing:

  • Counseling and aftercare through JVI and local partners;
  • Training for community advocates interacting with survivors on counseling techniques;
  • Training for local communities and partner organizations on abuse, mental illnesses, counseling skills and victim-based approaches to achieve strong victim testimonies, witness preparation and overall recovery/resilience;
  • Support to rescue more victims and prosecute more traffickers.


Your giving is needed and greatly appreciated. 



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