D.C. Law Firm Assists JVI With Human Trafficking Toolkit

Four lawyers from the D.C. office of law firm Sidley Austin, LLP are providing pro bono services to assist JVI in updating two of its publications. Attorneys Sharon Rose, Christopher Ross, Michael Buschbacher, and Robert Smith will be reviewing JVI’s Human Trafficking Legal Reference Toolkit in preparation for a 2019 edition of this important manual that outlines standard operating procedures for rescue, rehabilitation, and prosecution efforts in combating bonded labor and sex trafficking. The toolkit provides an overview of human trafficking, highlighting the dynamics of modern day slavery, key concepts related to the issue, and statistics. In addition, it sets forth anti-human trafficking standard operating procedures to be taken in fighting the two most common forms of human trafficking in India, bonded labor and sex trafficking.

The second publication is a Lawyers Manual for Government Entitlements in Bihar, India which provides guidance to lawyers working to secure benefits and entitlements for the poor in the state of Bihar. Bihar provides many government entitlements and services to impoverished residents of villages and urban slums, but many residents are unable to secure these benefits without assistance from an advocate because the process can be lengthy and complicated.

Both publications provide lawyers, NGOs and other advocates with critical information they need to combat human trafficking, empower the urban poor and ensure access to justice.

JVI is grateful for the assistance provided by Sidley lawyers in updating these documents.


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