161 Victims of Human Trafficking Intercepted At Transit Points

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, every eight minutes a child goes missing in India. A large number of children are often kidnapped at railway stations, interstate bus terminals and other transit points. In recent months JVI, along with partner NGO EFICOR, has intercepted 161 victims of human trafficking through its Transit Monitoring Unit (TMU) in Delhi, India. The TMU is strategically placed at transit points across the city, like railway stations and interstate bus terminals, to intercept possible cases of trafficking. The team collaborates with other NGOs working in the field such as Railway Protection Force, Childline and other agencies to provide aftercare and legal support.

Jeetu* was one of the victims intercepted. 

The interception team spotted 16-year-old Jeetu at the New Delhi Railway Station on February 11, 2021. She appeared worried and confused. The interception team approached her. During conversation, Jeetu revealed that she had been trafficked from Purnea, Bihar and forced to work as a domestic worker for more than 2 years in Delhi. She had been coerced with the promise of a better education. She did not receive any wages and expressed she had been physically and sexually abused by a relative of the trafficker. She finally got a chance to runaway and fled for the railway station where she was waiting to board a train to Bihar. 

The interception team reached out to a nearby police station where officials provided Jeetu with counseling. Based on Jeetu’s official statement, a formal police complaint was filed. The interception team coordinated with the Railway Police Force and Childline to ensure that the relative of the trafficker was arrested and Jeetu was provided aftercare services.

From 2019 – 2020, over 360 children were intercepted by TMU.

In March of 2021, JVI replicated the interception program in Kolkata (home to the largest red light district in Asia) with the help of World Vision. This project has already intercepted 5 victims. JVI desires to expand this effective project to other cities across India. 

*name changed to protect confidentiality

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