Partnership is at the heart of our work.

JVI builds the capacity of local nonprofits, businesses and other organizations engaged in the work of justice by coming alongside, joining together as partners and bolstering their effectiveness.

Partnering is effective.

By partnering, we combine greater skills, innovation and cultural understanding to design justice solutions that work. Read Renu’s rescue story. Renu is proof that change is possible, even after generations of bondage in slavery. Her entire village has been transformed.

Partnering is efficient.

By partnering we reduce costs and redundancy in fighting injustice. Read Amala’s rescue story. Her courage, combined with JVI’s commitment to justice and efficient partnerships brought freedom to dozens of other girls. 

Partnering is sustainable.

By partnering with existing local organizations, justice initiatives have greater staying power. Read Ali’s rescue story. Ali was one of millions of children forced into child labor. By working with local partners that have been in the community for years, and will be there in the future, Ali will have the support he needs to ensure sustained freedom.

Partnering is scalable.

By linking together with others, more lives can be reached for maximum justice impact. JVI’s work with multiple partners is bringing freedom, justice and restoration to tens of thousands.

JVI Justice Resources

JVI has developed comprehensive anti-human trafficking toolkits and advocacy manuals for NGOs, lawyers and community members.

JVI provides a variety of additional resources and research to empower you as an individual or group to fight for justice.

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