About Us


JVI’s mission is to secure freedom, justice, and restoration for the poor and oppressed by strengthening ventures that promote justice. Our vision is to see unjust communities transformed into communities ordered according to God’s standard of love.

In seeking to accomplish its mission, JVI is guided by the following core values:

Christian Faith
As a Christian faith-based organization, we believe that Jesus Christ is the perfect expression of God’s love for all humanity. In light of the abundant and everlasting life He offers, we are moved to pray for justice in our world and compelled to action by the power of God’s Spirit. We maintain our Christian identity while respecting the rights of others to hold different beliefs. We seek to partner with both Christians and non-Christians in the common cause of justice.

Commitment to the Poor and Oppressed
We are called to serve the poor and oppressed, believing in the uniqueness, dignity and intrinsic worth of every person. We seek to protect and restore the rights and dignity of those suffering injustice while helping to transform unjust structures in the communities where they live.

Respect for Cultural Diversity
We celebrate diversity in our relationships and the rich contributions of different cultures in society. We pursue justice for all individuals, regardless of religious belief, race, ethnicity or gender.


Local Leadership
We believe that the work of justice is sustainable only if embraced and led by individuals in local communities. As an organization that seeks to equip, empower and support local justice ventures, we are committed to fostering justice solutions in partnership with local leaders, volunteers and other community members and organizations who are an integral part of these communities.

Global Engagement
We believe that the pursuit of justice is the shared responsibility of all those with the ability to help. We collaborate with justice ventures, volunteers, donors, investors and like-minded organizations through shared networks enabled by an increasingly interconnected world. We leverage resources, expertise and technology to deliver support to local justice efforts on behalf of those suffering abuse and oppression.