Seven Boys Rescued From Slavery

On June 19th 2019, a team consisting of JVI, local partner EFICOR, and police officials rescued seven boys from child slavery in Karawal Nagar, in North East Delhi, India. The victims, between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, were trafficked from the state of Bihar.

The children were forced to labor at a steel wire manufacturing unit situated on a farm for 13 hours a day. In order to level the steel coils, they were forced to sit under direct sunlight with temperatures averaging 113 degrees, and straighten the long steel wires seen in the picture below.

The facility was hazardous and unhygienic and no measures were taken to ensure the children’s safety, though they worked with extremely sharp steel objects. The majority of the children had bruises and cuts on their palms, foreheads and chests.

The traffickers completely restricted their freedom of movement. They were not allowed beyond the walls of the facility. They were made to sleep beside the machines along with stray dogs. Their meals were cooked within the dusty, fly infested facility, exposing the children to further diseases.

They were paid 70 cents per week by the employer.  On the day of the rescue, an official police complaint was made against the perpetrators under relevant provisions of the Child Labour Act, Bonded Labour Act, Juvenile Justice Act, the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Act, and the Indian Penal Code.

The machines were sealed by police officials to prevent further usage.

JVI lawyers are working with the police to ensure the perpetrators are prosecuted and that government rehabilitation funds and other assistance are granted to the survivors. For the next 24 months, our aftercare team will work to ensure the survivors have access to education, vocational training, and other support services to help them get integrated back into society but, most importantly, will work to ensure their self-worth and dignity is restored.

Consider participating financially with JVI’s work on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to bring freedom, justice and restoration to those suffering from human trafficking and other extreme injustice.

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