Four Girls Rescued from Domestic Slavery

This June, four minor girls walked free after years of forced labor and brutal abuse. Justice Ventures International (JVI) worked with its partner (EFICOR) and local government officials to conduct two rescue operations in Delhi, India.

Ashna* told us she was not allowed to leave the house where she was held or talk to anyone. While there, she was raped and abused by her owner. Ashna faced this torture for three years.

All four girls were trafficked when they were very young, one at only nine years old, from other parts of India. They were held captive in private homes working up to 17 hours a day as household maids. None of them received any pay for their labor forWith Caption 4 the entire three years they had been held.

JVI coordinated with the local police to ensure women police constables were present for the operation. The rescue team split into multiple units that were able to both recover the girls and arrest the slaveholders at each location.

Now free, Ashna and the other girls are in the protective care of a shelter home. JVI and partners are searching for families of the victims and will continue to facilitate counseling and rehabilitation services over the next 24 months to support the girls as they start over on a new path. JVI lawyers are working with the police and prosecutors to hold the traffickers accountable and secure back wages for the girls.

*Name changed to protect identity of the victim and family

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