Stories of freedom, justice and restoration.

The Power of Partnerships

Every Hand Has A Story

An entire village transformed after four generations of slavery bringing dignified jobs and sustained freedom.  

Madhubani Rescue

186 men, women and children rescued from multi-generational bonded slavery in Northern India.

Sitamarhi Rescue

Six minor females rescued from sex trafficking in Bihar, India. Brothels closed for good. 

Bettiah Rescue

Eleven females, including four minors, rescued from sex trafficking in red light area. Six brothels closed and fifteen arrested.

Fighting Sex Trafficking Through Partnership

Millions of women and children from all over India are victims of sex trafficking. Learn how JVI is leveraging partnerships to combat this injustice. 

Fighting Bonded Labor Through Partnership

 Learn how JVI is providing sustained freedom and new opportunities for those rescued from forced labor slavery.  

The Power of Partnerships

The problem with global injustice won’t be solved by governments alone. Learn how JVI partners with local justice organizations to bring freedom, justice and restoration to oppressed men, women and children. 

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