JVI Launches Justice Resource Reporter

JVI recently launched our Justice Resource Reporter, a monthly newsletter designed to educate and equip our partners and other stakeholders by providing access to justice news, reports, and helpful resources to promote freedom, justice, and restoration. Sign up for JVI updates to receive this information here (scroll to bottom of homepage).

We encourage you to forward this email to friends and colleagues who might benefit from the resources inside. We hope you will find the Justice Resource Reporter informative, practical and inspiring!

Here’s a recap of the stories we included in our first issue:

  1. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16.3 is to provide equal justice for all by 2030 – How Large is the Current Justice Gap?
  2. New JVI Resource: Human Trafficking Legal Reference Toolkit, 2019 Edition, for India
  3. Assessing Government Progress Towards Ending Modern Slavery
  4. How Innovators are Fighting Trafficking Using Tech
  5. New JVI Resource: Advocating for Citizens’ Rights in West Bengal
  6. Collaboration is Key: Coming Together to Eradicate TIP
  7. Tracing the Supply Chain:JVI’s Research Report
  8. Adithi – Community Vigilance Communities with a Big Impact
  9. The Human Liberty Network – Collaboration Works!
  10. A Global Issue: Over 100 Children Rescued from Sex Trafficking this Summer in the USA

You can read all of these stories by clicking here.

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