JVI Justice Hubs

This year we are expanding our justice-producing model by establishing strategically placed Nyay Kendra* “Justice Hubs” in high prevalence areas for human trafficking in Northern India, allowing us to go deeper to root out systemic injustice. The funds raised during Summer of Freedom will directly support these Justice Hubs.

JVI has the experience, network and capacity to establish these hubs in Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, and West Bengal. These cities and states are home to some of the poorest and most vulnerable men, women, and children in India. They are high prevalence areas for sex-trafficking, generational bonded labor, child trafficking for cheap labor, domestic servitude and other forms of extreme injustice.

Each Justice Hub will be staffed with a program director, one or more staff lawyers, two or more investigators/aftercare specialists, an administrator/technology specialist, and a network of pro bono lawyers and law students.

In addition to conducting casework and mobilizing the community to fight injustice, Justice Hubs will serve as walk-in resource centers where the vulnerable, NGOs and lawyers can access resources to prevent trafficking and other extreme injustice, protecting victims and prosecuting perpetrators.

They will be equipped with advanced technology and staffed so that disenfranchised and impoverished citizens and their advocates can access the legal information/resources needed to secure government benefits and entitlements. They will also be the hub for communication about justice issues and dissemination of educational information on trafficking in persons. Leveraging and expanding JVI’s existing, well developed, justice network throughout India, the centers will promote and improve interstate cooperation for investigating and prosecuting cases.

*Nyay Kendra is Hindi for “Justice Hub”

Each Justice Hub provides a network of protection for those vulnerable to injustice.

Each Justice Hub costs approximately $60,000 per year to operate. Help us raise $120,000 during the Summer of Freedom matching campaign to fully fund two Justice Hubs for one year!

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