Training in China

Over 100 trained in Beijing

Justice Ventures International (JVI) is working to bring freedom, justice and restoration to migrant men, women and children living in Beijing, China. Over 200 million people from China’s rural areas have flooded the cities in a quest for better employment opportunities. But these migrant communities often suffer from oppressive and illegal working conditions

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Let Us Be Thankful

“Gratitude is a flower that blooms in noble souls.”  Pope Francis With Pope Francis visiting Washington, DC this week and the celebration of World Gratitude Day, let us take a moment to reflect on all we are thankful for. Peace:  “You are probably not regularly being threatened with being enslaved,

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JVI Helps Family Win Wrongful Eviction Case

Mumbai, India Along with rescues and restoration efforts for human trafficking victims, Justice Ventures International (JVI) also pursues justice for the urban poor. Approximately 1 billion people worldwide live in slums, without access to decent housing, electricity, sanitation, work or education.  In India alone, more than 65 million people live

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