63 Rescued from Brick Kiln in Northern India

Northern India On January 30, 2018, Justice Ventures International (JVI), together with a partner organization, local government officials, and police rescued 63 bonded labor victims from a brick kiln located in Haryana, India. A lack of employment opportunities can often leave entire families vulnerable to exploitation from traffickers who prey

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2017 Accomplishments

In 2017, JVI directly brought greater freedom, justice and restoration to over 5,500 poor and oppressed individuals in India, China and Nepal. JVI secures justice for individuals, strengthens local organizations, and transforms justice systems. Securing Justice for Individuals In partnership with our local network of justice organizations, JVI rescued 952

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Three Girls Rescued from Domestic Slavery

Delhi, India Justice Ventures International (JVI), and its partner EFICOR, rescued three minor girls (pictured, ages 14-17) from domestic slavery in New Delhi earlier this month. Trafficked from rural India, the girls were forced to work, taking care of children and doing domestic chores, from approximately 6:00 a.m. until midnight each day. They were not

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Groundbreaking Conference on Bonded Labor Features Six JVI Cases

Bihar, India The National Human Rights Commission and the Labor Department of Bihar recently conducted a workshop on the Elimination of the Bonded Labor System in Bihar.   The workshop engaged police and government officials from the local, state and national level. At the workshop, representatives from the NHRC and

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28 Children Rescued from Bonded Slavery

Delhi, India Justice Ventures International (JVI) recently rescued 28 children from bonded labor conditions in the city of Delhi. The rescue was conducted in collaboration with JVI partner EFICOR and local government officials and police. The children, ages 8-17, were working in a textile factory under oppressive and exploitative conditions. The

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May 2017 rescue operations in Bihar free 270

Freedom for 270 Through Three Rescues in Three Weeks

Bihar, India Justice Ventures International (JVI) achieved a significant milestone in May. In rapid fire succession, JVI and its local partners freed over 270 men, women and children through three major rescue operations in three consecutive weeks. These operations were conducted in close cooperation with government officials from the northern India state of Bihar. These men, women

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