2nd Summer of Freedom Campaign

This month, as we celebrate the great freedom we have here in America, we also celebrate the new freedom of thousands of men, women, and children rescued from human trafficking and other forms of extreme injustice by JVI and our justice partners.

JVI works in poor and oppressed communities where the battle for justice rages daily. We invest our resources in these communities year after year to root out systemic injustice.

Our 2nd Summer of Freedom Campaign launched July 1st. This is an opportunity to double your impact through our matching gift challenge being provided by several generous partners. All gifts made until August 31st, will be doubled, up to $60,000. 

Because of your partnership, we are transforming unjust communities for good! 

One of many examples comes from a rural community in Bihar, India.

You may remember, a few years ago we told the story of Renu Devi and 165 other men, women and children who were rescued from forced labor slavery in Bihar, India through a rescue operation conducted by government officials working with JVI and one of our local justice partners. Her family had been forced as labor slaves for four generations.

After the rescue Ms. Devi achieved something remarkable. She became the unprecedented winner of her local panchayat election in Bihar. (A panchayat is equivalent to a village council that is led by ten or more local leaders, elected by the community). Ms. Devi won the local election in a patriarchal community where woman candidates are rare. She competed against candidates who were supported by her former captors and won.

Her success brought new pride to other bonded labor survivors, and her new position in the community is a positive indicator of real change in the fight against modern-day slavery. Together, with her husband, they are providing employment opportunities for those once trapped in slavery.  She is a true change maker! We invite you to watch her inspirational story here.

Please consider a gift during Summer of Freedom! 

These funds will allow us to rescue more men, women and children from slavery and provide sustained freedom for generations to come.


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Join us to transform lives and change oppressed communities, for good.