Five Brothels Raided In Northern, India


In recent weeks, JVI collaborated with one of its local partners, Adithi, and local police, to conduct a brothel raid in Bihar, India leading to the rescue of 16 year old Kusum.*

Life had not been easy for Kusum. At a young age she was physically and sexually abused by her father. Eventually she ran away from home. A woman befriended her and took her in to provide shelter and food. Within a few days, Kusum was kidnapped and taken to a brothel where she was beaten, raped and sexually exploited for 8 months until she was rescued.

Additional details surrounding rescue:    

  • the brothel owner was arrested
  • a team of lawyers arrived to collect evidence
  • ​Kusum gave a brave testimony to police which resulted in raids on four additional adjoining brothels
  • seven minor girls were rescued through the additional raids
  • all survivors are receiving aftercare, counseling and support
  • *name changed to protect survivor’s identity 


JVI’s Sustained Freedom Project

Bihar is one of the poorest states in India and is a major source and destination for human trafficking. According to numerous reports, Bihar has one of the highest prevalence rates for human trafficking including bonded labor and sex trafficking, enslaving untold numbers of men, women and children. The goal of JVI’s Bihar Sustained Freedom Project is to protect potential victims and secure sustained freedom, justice and restoration for victims of sex trafficking, bonded labor, domestic servitude, and other forms of human trafficking in targeted areas in Bihar through public-private partnerships.


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“The spirit of partnership is at the heart of JVI’s work.”  – Jeff Pankratz, CEO