Groundbreaking Conference on Bonded Labor Features Six JVI Cases

Bihar, India

The National Human Rights Commission and the Labor Department of Bihar recently conducted a workshop on the Elimination of the Bonded Labor System in Bihar.


The workshop engaged police and government officials from the local, state and national level. At the workshop, representatives from the NHRC and state government met with bonded labor survivors and heard updates from local government officials on six JVI bonded labor cases and five others.

They praised government officials where progress had been made but also ordered officials to take further aggressive action to root out the scourge of bonded labor in Bihar.The NHRC and Bihar Labor Department expressed appreciation for JVI’s work in collaborating with government officials to dismantle this insidious form of modern slavery.

JVI lawyers are now following up with local officials to ensure that compliance with the directions issued by the NHRC at the workshop are achieved.

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