Two Girls Rescued from Domestic Slavery


Victim with police at the time of rescue
Delhi, India
Earlier this month, two girls were rescued from forced domestic slavery in Delhi, India. The rescue was conducted by government officials and police in collaboration with Justice Ventures International and one of its local partners, EFICOR.

Sixteen-year old Amrita* and 18 year old Meera* were brought to Delhi from rural India with promises of good jobs and decent wages to support their families. rescued girls_feb17 2They were sold to work in Delhi homes where they were forced to toil for long hours with little rest. They were prohibited from leaving the houses where they worked or to communicate with others.  When the men who owned the homes went out, the girls were locked inside. One of the girls was repeatedly beaten and sexually abused.

Now free, these young women are under the care of a shelter home where they are receiving counseling and rehabilitation.  JVI lawyers are working with labor officials to secure full back wages for the girls while ensuring that criminal proceedings move forward against the perpetrators.

* Names changed to protect the identity of the victims.

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