2016 Accomplishments

In 2016, Justice Ventures International (JVI) directly brought greater freedom, justice, and restoration to over 5000 poor and oppressed individuals in India and China.

Securing justice for victims through legal casework.
Through 20 rescue operations in India, JVI and its partners secured the freedom of over 290 men, women and children from forced labor slavery in brick kilns, farms, domestic service, and other manufacturing units. Upon securing their freedom, JVI and its partners work closely with these survivors over at least a 24 month period ensuring that they receive government compensation, ration cards, livelihood assistance (bicycles, livestock, carts, etc.), job cards, voter identity cards and other rights that they are entitled to under law.
57 perpetrators are under criminal prosecution and some are currently behind bars and have paid significant back wages for labor violations. JVI lawyers have provided greater access to justice for over 1700 victims of human trafficking and other injustice on over 180 legal cases (including cases focused on debt slavery, sex trafficking, slum-dweller rights, migrant worker rights, wrongful imprisonment and other injustices).

Empowering the oppressed through human rights training
Through 141 training sessions conducted in India and China, over 3,700 local community residents, NGO leaders, government officers, police officers, prosecutors, and judges were educated, sensitized and empowered to fight human trafficking and other extreme injustice more effectively. In addition, JVI produced an Anti-Human Trafficking Toolkit providing standard operating proceedures for justice organizations and their lawyers in fighting human trafficking.

Advancing systems change through advocacy
JVI joined forces with a range of NGOs, businesses and other stakeholders to advocate for positive changes in government systems impacting men, women, and children suffering from bonded labor, child labor, sex trafficking, and other forms of human rights abuse. These efforts have let to greater protection of victims of injustice from exploitation and new social and economic opportunities for the poor and oppressed.

Ensuring sustained freedom, justice, and restoration for the vulnerable by strengthening freedom businesses and other justice organizations

In 2016, JVI partnered with over 25 different justice ventures or organizations in India, Nepal and China by providing training, legal consultations, victim rescue technical assistance, prosecution support and aftercare assistance. JVI also strengthened a number of freedom businesses including Freeset Global, Sari Bari, and the Starfish Project. Through the Shop for Freedom Campaign, JVI expanded the sales of these businesses and ensured sustained economic freedom for over 300 women rescued from the sex trade and now employed by these businesses. JVI also provides pro bono legal services to ensure these businesses operate in accordance with US, Indian and Chinese laws. JVI has mobilized a network of over 500 volunteers in the US and abroad to promote to fight human trafficking and other extreme injustice.