Volunteer Spotlight: Brian Dang

Brian Dang

 This month we highlight Brian Dang, Artist and member of Ambassador Bible Church (ABC) in northern VA.  With the support of his fellow church leaders, Brian created an Art Ministry where he encouraged his church members to worship God through artistic expressions of their faith. This led to the opening of the Coffee House, “an artistic venue in the church where artwork and performances that repeatedly expose different aspects of God’s character,” according to Brian.  At the ABC Coffee House, one can worship God through members’ paintings, carpentry, photography, dance, and other forms of art.
We are especially thankful to Brian for introducing Justice Ventures International and Freeset through this creative venue to his fellow church members. By holding a Coffee House artwork auction and selling Freeset products (merchandise made by sex trafficking survivors), Brian and his fellow church members raised a substantial amount of funds to support JVI’s mission to bring freedom, justice and restoration to those suffering extreme injustice in India.
For more information on Brian and the ABC Coffee House, go here.

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