Justice Ventures International (JVI) is working to bring freedom, justice and restoration to migrant men, women and children living in Beijing, China. Over 200 million people from China’s rural areas have flooded the cities in a quest for better employment opportunities. But these migrant communities often suffer from oppressive and illegal working conditions and are denied access to decent education, sanitation and housing. Some migrants fall prey to human traffickers and are lured, coerced and tricked into the sex trade and other abusive situations.

JVI partners with several leading NGOs which focus on children and migrant families who live in slum communities. These NGOs provide migrant communities with the resources needed for their survival and development. In the last six months, JVI has facilitated multiple legal trainings in migrant communities. These trainings gave migrants direct access to Chinese attorneys who specialize in areas of law that touch upon the daily life of migrant workers and their families. They also provided a forum for migrant workers to ask questions and receive individualized help. These trainings are equipping the migrant communities to advocate for their rights. JVI has also conducted training for partner staff to operate more effectively and efficiently by addressing legal problems that might arise as they carry out their work. This holistic work with our partners encourages systemic changes that bring freedom, justice, and restoration to these vulnerable and exploited men, women and children.

Legal Trainings in China

Please pray that more migrant families will receive achieve greater freedom and justice through the expansion of migrant legal aid training and counseling programs to the migrant communities in Beijing as well as the growing involvement of volunteer lawyers to support this work.




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