Twelve Boys Rescued from Forced Labor in Delhi

 12 boys rescued providing statements

On 13 June 2013, twelve young boys were freed from forced labor in central Delhi through rescue operations led by the local government and Salaam Balaak Trust (SBT) in collaboration with Justice Ventures International (JVI).   The rescues took place at four facilities located among the narrow lanes of one of Delhi’s textile districts and resulted in the arrest of four perpetrators.  The children were held captive in violation of India’ Bonded Labour (Abolition) Act and other Indian criminal laws.  Forced to work over 12 hours per day making belts and women’s handbags with little or no wages and under horrific conditions, some  of  the minors had been working at the factories for almost three years while others had only recently arrived when SBT uncovered the case and brought it to the attention of local authorities.  Most of the children were from the Indian state of Bihar.

After the rescue, these 12 survivors provided statements and received care and medical attention from the local authorities and SBT.    All the minors were transferred to a transitional after care facility.   Please pray for these children and others like them – for their reintegration into their home communities and for protection from slavery. Also pray for the success of the prosecution teams as they advocate for justice for these children.

*This rescue was conducted under the Google Interventions Project with training support from the International Justice Mission (IJM).



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