Volunteer Update

Volunteer Spotlight: Jamie & Leah Carroll

Justice Ventures International’s mission is to bring freedom, justice and restoration to victims of extreme injustice and oppression through legal casework, human rights training, advocacy and freedom businesses. An important and significant portion of our work is supported by lawyers in the US and other countries who offer pro bono

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Thank you to All our Volunteers

We are so grateful for all of the volunteers that partnered with Justice Ventures International in 2015 through the Shop for Freedom program, the Race for Freedom, and many other volunteer initiatives. Volunteer involvement is critical in the fight for freedom! More than 400 volunteers from 13 states and four countries helped raise awareness and bring

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(Watch Video) Thanks to You We Made It!

Race for Freedom Crosses 3.5 Million Meters Hundreds of Justice Ventures International volunteers came together this year to help JVI achieve its 3.5 million meter racing goal, raising thousands of dollars and increasing awareness about the 35 million slaves world-wide. It was truly an international effort, with participants from the Delhi, Mumbai,

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Volunteer Spotlight: Brian Dang

 This month we highlight Brian Dang, Artist and member of Ambassador Bible Church (ABC) in northern VA.  With the support of his fellow church leaders, Brian created an Art Ministry where he encouraged his church members to worship God through artistic expressions of their faith. This led to the opening of the Coffee

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Andrew Barron, a third year law student from Pepperdine University, served in our Beijing office this summer. In addition to providing research on anti-trafficking issues, Andrew also provided legal research and marketing/sales recommendations for our freedom business partners in China. He also helped investigate the legal needs of migrants, working closely with one of

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Volunteer Spotlight: Legal Volunteers

Justice Ventures International brings freedom, justice and restoration to the poor and oppressed by strengthening local justice organizations in India and China. One means of strengthening these organizations is through the provision of pro bono legal counsel and other assistance. Over the last few months we have received valuable pro bono assistance from lawyers on a range

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Shop for Freedom Volunteers

Many volunteers support Justice Ventures International, which was most evident this holiday season, through the Shop for Freedom campaign. Over 25 volunteers hosted Freedom Gatherings in different homes and dorm rooms.  Freeset bags, t-shirts and Starfish jewelry were sold to offer hope to the thousands vulnerable to sex trafficking in India and China. We had

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