Volunteer Spotlight: Jamie & Leah Carroll

Justice Ventures International’s mission is to bring freedom, justice and restoration to victims of extreme injustice and oppression through legal casework, human rights training, advocacy and freedom businesses. An important and significant portion of our work is supported by lawyers in the US and other countries who offer pro bono

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Seven Migrant Workers Secure Justice

Beijing, China – Justice Ventures International (JVI) is working to bring freedom, justice and restoration to migrant men, women and children living in Beijing, China. Migrants working in Beijing endure unsafe working conditions, long overtime hours, inadequate wages, and delayed compensation and are denied access to decent education, sanitation and housing. Daxing is the

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Four Rescued from Forced Labor Slavery in Delhi, India

Delhi, India – As afternoon fades, hundreds of chattering schoolchildren make their way home down the narrow by lanes of Bharampuri, a neighborhood in North East Delhi. In stark contrast, toiling in some of the unregulated small businesses that dot the neighborhood are hundreds of child laborers whose day is nowhere near ending. Forced to work for up to 10

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