Strengthening Partnerships

110 New Judges Equipped to Fight Human Trafficking

Uttar Pradesh, India As an integral part of fighting human trafficking, Justice Ventures International (JVI) trained 110 newly appointed judges in northern India on human trafficking laws, in April 2017. Judges play a vital role in ensuring traffickers are held accountable and victims are protected and treated with dignity. The

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2016 Accomplishments

In 2016, Justice Ventures International (JVI) directly brought greater freedom, justice, and restoration to over 5000 poor and oppressed individuals in India and China. Securing justice for victims through legal casework. Through 20 rescue operations in India, JVI and its partners secured the freedom of over 290 men, women and

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Chinese Government Passes Landmark Law Tightening Controls on Nonprofits

Reprinted courtesy of the law firm of Venable LLP* April 28, 2016, China’s national legislature passed a sweeping, controversial new law regulating the activities of foreign (non-Chinese) nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations’ (NGOs) activities in China. The “Law on the Management of Foregin Nongovernmental Organization Activities inside Mainland China” (the Law) is set to

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