JVI Principles

Strengthening NGOs Serving Migrants in Beijing, China

Last month, the Justice Ventures International’s Beijing Justice Resource Center and its partner Asian Center for Law & Culture (ACLC) conducted a forum for non-governmental and civil society organizations that serve migrant workers in Beijing, China. This training provided practical knowledge and raised awareness of major migrant legal issues and critical components for effective and

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Volunteer Spotlight: Legal Volunteers

Justice Ventures International brings freedom, justice and restoration to the poor and oppressed by strengthening local justice organizations in India and China. One means of strengthening these organizations is through the provision of pro bono legal counsel and other assistance. Over the last few months we have received valuable pro bono assistance from lawyers on a range

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Justice Ventures International (JVI) is working to bring freedom, justice and restoration to migrant men, women and children living in Beijing, China. Over 200 million people from China’s rural areas have flooded the cities in a quest for better employment opportunities. But these migrant communities often suffer from oppressive and illegal working

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